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13 Must-Try Adrenaline Hobbies for Thrill Seekers

person doing a flip on a flyboard in the water

13 Must-Try Adrenaline Hobbies for Thrill Seekers

Are you looking to incorporate more thrills into your life? If other hobbies don’t give you the adrenaline rush you’re searching for, the good news is that there are many exciting adrenaline hobbies out there for thrill seekers. Whether you’re a total novice or a seasoned adrenaline junkie, keep reading to discover some of the most unique adrenaline hobbies the world has to offer. 

Adrenaline Hobbies to Get Your Blood Flowing

1. Slacklining

Get ready for a thrilling balancing act. Slacklining is the art of walking along a piece of suspended nylon or polyester webbing called a slackline, which is stretched and secured between two anchor points.

Unlike tightrope walking, the tension applied to a slackline is significantly less than that of a tightrope. This allows tightliners some room to sway, bounce, and do various tricks on the slackline. Not to mention, slacklining is usually performed at a height of up to 2.5 feet, whereas tightrope walking is usually done at a much greater height. 

This sport is great for both entry-level adventurers and seasoned professionals. There are also many different types of slacklining that can be performed over water, at greater heights, and even some that incorporate yoga. It’s common to find slacklining clubs and groups in many towns and cities, making it an easy adrenaline hobby to maintain. 

2. Flyboarding

Want a hobby that will make you feel like you can touch the sky? Flyboarders stand on top of a small, personal watercraft called a flyboard which is connected to a hose. This hose is attached to a jet ski and pressurized water is shot out from the flyboard to create the lift needed to hover above the water.

When done correctly, flyboarders can do incredible tricks and flips as they fly into and above the water.  

As long as you live near a body of water where flyboarding classes are held, you can get started with this adrenaline hobby. Check your city’s beaches or lakes for flyboarding instructors who can teach you how to operate the flyboard safely.

If you find an instructor with the availability for multiple classes, you can return to practice flyboarding again and again. 

3. Axe Throwing

person wearing winter clothes throwing an axe at log in the snow as adrenaline hobby

Channel your inner warrior with this exciting hobby. Axe throwing is a popular adrenaline hobby with weekend adventurers and full-time thrill seekers alike. Usually done in a large building or facility, axe throwing involves aiming and throwing an axe at a wooden target. These targets are similar to the ones used in darts, and the goal is to land the axe as close to the center of the target as possible. 

During an axe throwing session, an instructor will supervise you or your group as you take turns throwing the axe at various targets. The instructor will also teach you proper throwing techniques and safety protocols.

Thankfully, axe throwing facilities are common in many major cities. Some even offer membership packages, which means you can return as often as you’d like to refine your axe throwing skills. 

4. Mountain Biking

Rev your engines and embark on a thrilling ride. Mountain biking involves riding a bicycle across different types of terrain. In this adrenaline hobby, more obstacles mean more fun. The goal is to ride along these difficult off-road environments, with riders often encountering water crossings, steep hills, and loose rocks.  

It’s important to match the type of bike you have to the kind of terrain you plan to ride on. Some, more snowy or muddy areas require a bike with thicker tires. Others opt for a bike with more pedaling performance for cross-country riding.

However, no matter the terrain, you’ll always need good protective gear such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads, shoes with quality grip and waterproofing, and protective glasses. 

5. Boxing

Time to put up your fists. Boxing is a combat sport where participants use their fists to fight each other. Usually performed in a ring or small arena, boxing is a thrilling way to learn self-defense and enhance your physical fitness. Points are usually awarded by hitting certain areas on your opponent or knocking them out. 

Even though boxing may seem like a sport that only seasoned fighters can do, this is definitely not the case. Boxing is a very accessible hobby that can be adopted at any age level.

Whether you want to get started or are a skilled, experienced fighter, boxing is a great way to get an adrenaline release. Most cities have a gym or center where boxing classes are held, meaning you can adopt boxing as your new adrenaline hobby whenever you want. 

6. Parkour 

Man holding himself sideways on public brick wall with stairs and buildings in the background

Get ready to jump, run, climb, and flip—no equipment required. Also known as freerunning, parkour is a generally non-competitive sport where participants use their speed, strength, and agility to move freely throughout any terrain.

Commonly performed in cities, parkour encourages participants to get creative with the way they move about an area. This means that those who practice parkour will often scale buildings, jump from ledges, and perform strategic rolls to land safely on different surfaces. 

Parkour clubs or classes are commonly found in most major cities. There, an instructor will help you refine your speed and strength in order to perform parkour safely. This process involves physical exercise and training. Since all you need are your skills and your body, parkour is a hobby that any thrill seeker can adopt as a consistent adrenaline hobby. 

7. Hang Gliding

Ready to take flight? Hang gliding is an aerial sport where riders fly a triangle-shaped, non-motorized airfoil known as a hang glider. The pilot is connected to the hang glider via a harness and wears protective gear including a helmet.

To take off, riders need to run down a slope and accumulate enough airflow across the glider’s wings to generate lift. Once airborne, the weight of the pilot propels the hang glider forward and allows it to soar. 

Adopting this high-adrenaline hobby may be easier than you think. It is common to find hang gliding lessons and instructors in most cities. All it takes is to start some introductory classes, practice, and you’ll be soaring regularly before you know it. 

8. Bouldering 

For those who want to experience rock climbing in a whole new way, bouldering is a must-try high-adrenaline hobby. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing where the climber is not secured by a harness or rope.

This activity is usually done closer to the ground on rock walls or boulders out in nature. Climbers will often use hand chalk and specialized grip shoes to secure themselves as they climb. 

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor bouldering facilities where climbers can hone their skills. They are often found in many towns and cities, and some even offer classes for beginners. Whether you’re an experienced climber looking for a challenge, or a complete newbie, you’re sure to find the right bouldering spot for you. 

9. Ziplining 

Experience blazing speeds, thrilling heights, and incredible views all in one hobby. Ziplining is a great adrenaline hobby, especially for those who love nature.

Zipliners are suspended along a steel cable secured at two anchor points. These anchor points are usually far away from each other, and the cable is angled at a downward slope. Once they have their helmet on and are secured to the cable via a harness, the rider is propelled by gravity at high speeds along the cable.

If you fall in love with this hobby, you can experience the thrill of ziplining over and over. You will usually find ziplining areas in wooded or forested environments.

For beginners, ziplining centers will provide you with instructions and advice on how to zipline safely. If you’re an experienced adventurer, seek out ziplining groups for tips on the equipment you’ll need to create new, exciting courses in ziplining-approved areas. 

10. Bodysurfing

Get ready for a whole new take on surfing, minus the surfboard. Bodysurfers use their bodies to ride waves without the help of a flotation device. Using a pair of swim fins on their feet, bodysurfers use their strength and swimming skills to catch powerful waves.

If you’re an extremely strong and experienced swimmer, bodysurfing could be your new go-to adrenaline hobby. 

For new and experienced adrenaline-seekers, always remember to take a lesson with a knowledgeable instructor before trying an extreme activity for the first time. Some groups offer instruction on how to build your bodysurfing skills.

Once you gain the experience needed, all you need is access to a wave-producing body of water in order to bodysurf whenever you want.  

11. Spearfishing

Spearfishing takes traditional fishing to a whole new level. Humans have spearfished for thousands of years, making it one of the oldest methods of fishing. Performed using snorkeling, free-diving, or scuba techniques, a spearfisher dives into the water and uses a traditional or mechanical spear to catch fish. 

As with any hobby that involves water, being a strong swimmer is incredibly important. Often located around the ocean or other large bodies of water, spearfishing learning centers offer a safe environment for new spearfishers to learn about this exciting adrenaline hobby. These centers will also teach you where spearfishing is allowed, and how to avoid spearing protected fish species.  

12. Extreme Pogo

Reach new heights atop a high-performance pogo stick. Often called xpogo, extreme pogo is a sport where participants ride specialized pogo sticks that are designed to jump much higher than regular ones. Equipped with a helmet and protective body gear, an extreme pogo rider will reach incredible heights and perform flips and other tricks on their pogo stick. 

Xpogo has one of the fastest-growing communities of any extreme sport and attracts riders of all ages. This popularity means that more and more extreme pogo centers are popping up in major cities. Odds are, you can find a group in your area to learn or refine your pogo skills.

Once you have your specialized pogo stick and have learned proper techniques from an instructor, you’ll be reaching new heights in no time with this thrilling adrenaline hobby.   

13. Whitewater Rafting

Grab your paddle and get ready for a high-adrenaline adventure. Whitewater rafting gets its name from the white froth of the rapid waters through which the raft moves. Typically, rafts carry groups of 4 to 8 riders down a river, equipped with life jackets, helmets, and paddles.

The currents of these rivers are often fast-moving and the terrain of different rivers provides varying difficulty levels for whitewater rafters. 

Locations that have rafting-friendly, fast-moving rivers will often offer whitewater rafting. For beginners, an experienced instructor will often accompany you on your ride. Expert riders will often go in groups to ride through more challenging rapids, making this adrenaline hobby especially exciting.

Always remember to match your experience level with the difficulty of the rapids you’re riding. That way, you can strap on your helmet, get your paddle, and ride off on your new adventure with confidence.

Get that Heart Pumping

Although adrenaline hobbies aren’t for everybody, they can still be performed at different levels. The difficulty in most hobbies can vary according to experience, but the adrenaline rush will always be there. Always consider safety and comfort level first, then go out and try new things. Part of getting an adrenaline rush is the uncomfort it provides, so step outside your zone and get that heart pumping!

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