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How to Become a Hobby Master Collector

3 vw beetles as diecast hobby master collector items

How to Become a Hobby Master Collector

We all have specific hobbies that we prefer to do whenever we’re free. They can include drawing, crocheting, playing sports, repairing vehicles, and other delights. One of the most diverse hobbies in our everyday life is collecting various items. Generally, these items/pieces vary with collectors, and that’s why this hobby is considered broad. 

Among the most collected item types are cars, which also encompasses various car types. For example, some car collectors can go for luxury cars while others prefer car replicas or old vehicles. 

Purchasing the actual items can be pricey for some collectors and usually require a lot of storage space. In such instances, collecting diecasts or models becomes handy. Generally, they’re small structures with a 3D representation of the actual item you love/want. 

The main feature making diecasts even more worthwhile is they’re made of metal. Therefore, they have higher longevity and show more detail than plastic models. 

So, what does it take to develop a unique collection? Where and how can you start collecting diecast models? Kindly read through to the end to find answers to these questions and other essential details about this exciting and rewarding hobby. Here we’ll go through the details of how to become a hobby master collector. 

What is Hobby Master?

Hobby Master is among the top-selling diecast and models companies today. It offers a wide range of diecast models, including airplanes, and vehicles. 

The company began to pick up in 2006, and since then, it has consistently delivered over 10 new releases into the global market every month without fail. Currently, Hobby Master is the largest company producing quality aircraft diecasts possible, outselling Corgi globally by a factor of over ten.


Hobby Master’s models combine scale fidelity, great money value, and impressive attention to detail. Therefore, adding them to your collection list is truly worth the effort and investment. 

Where to Start as a Hobby Master Collector

If you want to be a savvy Hobby Master collector, it’s best first to determine the kind of collection you’d like. Collecting diecasts usually don’t have any rules or specific procedures. Instead, this hobby is purely based on personal preference and taste. 

Whether you’re into military machines, aircraft, cars, trucks, classic dinky toys, coaches, or buses, deciding the exact category of diecasts you want to collect will ease the sourcing and collecting of Hobby Master’s unique models.

The specific area of interest you select doesn’t matter. However, it would be best to pick one that suits your particular interest and budget. 

Besides selecting the particular type of models you want to collect, there are other factors to keep in mind as a novice diecast collector, and they include:

1. Size

There are many size scales within diecast models. The most common scales include 1/24 (16-20 cm), 1/32 (10-15 cm), 1/43 (8-12 cm), 1/64 (6-7.5 cm) and 1/1/18 (24-30 cm). Other replicas are usually made on the scale of 1/20 – 1/25 (G scale), 1/87 (HO scale), and 1/48 (O scale).

Typically, big-sized models tend to be costlier than smaller ones and take up a lot of storage space. If your budget is fixed and you don’t have a big storage area, it’s best to go for miniature replicas. 

When comparing diecast sizes, you should note that the size scales represent the proportion of the replica in comparison to the actual real-life machine. The bigger the second value, the smaller the diecast model. For example, a car model of scale 1/4 is more prominent than a size 1/44 model.

2. Period

The production of diecast models is usually based on specific periods when the machines were produced or used. Collecting your diecasts based on set periods will help you capture your models’ history, giving you a more detailed and well-organized collection. 

3. Brand

As a determined collector, it’s good to have a specific brand of models you like to collect. For instance, you can specialize in collecting Dinky Toys, Mattel, Matchbox diecast models, or other brands. 


Hobby Master Diecast Products

Hobby Master has made the collecting models of different machinery quite simple. With over 100,000 replicas in their collection, missing a model of your choice seems highly implausible. It provides a broad range of products, from aircraft to coaches, buses, trams, trains, trucks, cars, military machines, and what have you. 

Below is a list of exciting items from Hobby Master you’ll love adding to your collection:

● Military Vehicles

Military automobiles come in many forms and sizes with different functionality and mechanisms. Some of the common HM diecast replicas include:

1. HG7003 Russian Heavy Tank

2. German WW2

3. Ground Power Series

4. Trucks

5. Utility Car, and More

● Supercars

Collecting models of supercars is a thrilling and fun experience. You can get all your favourite supercar models from HM on a scale of 1/43. 

● Airplanes

Hobby Master has aircraft models of all iconic aircraft mentioned in history. From combat jets to heavy fighting and attacking planes, you can collect any airplane model from whichever period you like. 

● Sea Power

Collecting models of waterborne vehicles is also another enthralling hobby. Some of the available models now are:

1. USS CG-47 Ticonderoga

2. USS CG-53 Mobile Bay 

3. USS CG-59 Princeton

● Action Figures

For those who love following the history of famous military personnel, HM has got you covered. They offer replicas of famous people in action during different wars. Some of these individuals include:

1. Col. Bud Anderson, an American fighter pilot during the WWII

2. Cap. Eugine Cerman, a fighter pilot, naval officer, and astronaut who went to space three times

3. Moshe Dayan, an iconic military leader, politician, and soldier 

Where to Buy Hobby Master Models

Collecting diecast models today is quite simple, thanks to online shopping. You can easily purchase all the Hobby Master replicas you wish to include in your collection without breaking a sweat and from the comfort of your home. 

The first option is visiting Hobby Master’s official website, where you’ll get a series of models depending on the scale or features you like. 

The company has also partnered with numerous distributors and retailers across Canada, the USA, and other online shopping platforms to ensure consistent and easy access to its products. Some of the common platforms you can buy Hobby Master diecast models include:





Flying Mule 

Historic Aviation

Aiken’s Airplanes online store

 Popular Hobby Master Models

Hobby Master provides some of the best diecast models in the market today. Their monthly releases make it easier to source any machine replica, especially military aircraft and flights. Below are some of the best and trending models you can consider:

1. Hobby Master F-14

F-14 models from Hobby Master are representatively accurate and well-built. These models have an impressive general feel, gorgeous body, best accessories and pilots, and a flawless finish. 


2. Hobby Master F-18

F-18 Super Hornet is a real-life model of a badass multirole combat jet, and it can be used as a carrier, fighter, and attack aircraft. Its two engines ensure higher survivability in combats, while the engine afterburners enable it to achieve thrust quickly, making it easy for the pilot to escape dogfights. 

If you’re an F-18 enthusiast, Hobby Master offers the best 1/72 diecast replicas you can add to your collection.   

3. Hobby Master f 22

The F-22 is a robust stealth tactical fighter plane with air superiority unmatched by any modern military aircraft. Its combination of situational awareness, speed, agility, and deadly long-range weaponry make this aeroplane the ideal aerial fighting machine. 

You can get high-quality and elegant F-22 diecast models from Hobby Master and have a better look at its unique features and build. 

4. Hobby Master u-2

The Lockheed U-2 is a historic and precious plane you can add to your collections. For over 65 years, this plane has comfortably flown under conditions that other aircraft can’t withstand. 

U-2’s long, slim, glider-like wings and powerful engine enables it to fly at over 70 000 ft. If you wish to get a comprehensive view of this spying plane, Hobby Master has the best models for you. 

5. Hobby Master a-10

This plane also goes by Tankbuster, Warthog, or Flying Gun. It’s a versatile close-air attack aircraft with high maneuverability and survivability. The current A-10s have been upgraded to be better, stylish, and precise to enhance their longevity and functionality.

If you’ve never been into an A-10 before, the Hobby Master’s A-10 replicas will give you a closer look at the plane’s powerful mechanism and features.  

Hobby Master New Releases

 Hobby Master releases new high-quality diecast models almost every month. Some models even get sold out before production. The most recent 2021 Hobby Master releases include:

1. Harrier GR.7 Snow Falcon

2. Su-27SM Flanker B

3. Lockheed F-16C

4. Boeing F- 15EX

5. Su-35

You can also expect other excellent models to come out. Items expected out in 2022 are:

1. USS Intrepid Skyraider

2. Hickham AFB F-22

3. Douglas A-10 Skyhawk

4. F-102A Delta Dagger

Where Can I Find More Information About Hobby Master Collecting?

Hobby Master models are rapidly increasing in popularity, and it’s hard to miss them on most online platforms such as social media. Apart from its official website, you can learn more about this company and its services from online communities like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Other popular network communities like Reddit and Quora also offer extensive knowledge about Hobby Master and collecting them as a hobby. You can use any search engine to look for Hobby Master products, services, their distributors, collectors, and other relevant information you may need.


Collecting and Hobby Master

Collecting is a vast and exciting hobby that covers many aspects of life. It also provides numerous benefits such as personal achievement, stress reduction, relaxation, and gaining knowledge. 

Hobby Master provides a convenient and advanced platform you can use to grow your hobby, build a unique collection, and discover new and historic collectibles. Your job is simply determining what you want/love to collect and starting this exciting journey.  

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