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17 Best Hobbies for Blind and Visually Impaired People

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17 Best Hobbies for Blind and Visually Impaired People

Visual impairment may change the type of hobby one may pursue, but it doesn’t mean that you’re limited to a few. There are several activities that blind and people with visual impairments can do to have fun. These activities may be indoors or outdoors and may require varying levels of supervision to ensure that they are performed correctly and safely. 

While choosing the best of these hobbies, we considered several things such as the ease of doing them, the level of danger involved, the potential fun that can be derived, among other things. 

Some of the activities listed in this article can be done without the need for a partner or guide. However, for safety, it would be wise to have some level of assistance to eliminate the risks involved.

Activities for Blind and Visually Impaired People

The world is fast-changing, and several activities have been modified to be more friendly to blind and visually impaired people. The following are some of the best hobbies for blind and visually impaired people in no particular order.

  1. Listening to Audiobooks

    If you love reading books, then you should consider making audiobooks your hobby. Audiobooks are recordings of books and other works which can be played out loud for the blind person to hear. Audiobooks may not be available for all the books in the world, but any book can be read using an assistive device programmed on your phone or personal computer to read documents. 

  1. Taking A Walk

    This sounds simple, but it can be refreshing and reinvigorating when done right. There aren’t many things more satisfying than taking a walk to relax your mind and unwind after a stressful day. Consider less crowded areas such as a park to really enjoy the peace.

  1. Listening to Podcasts

    There is an abundance of podcasts out there and something for everyone. Interesting programmes may include news analysis, politics, sports, entertainment, and comedy, etc. You can use this time to be educational or just pure entertainment.

  1. Riding a Tandem Bike

    Unlike some other hobbies, a tandem bike requires more than one person to work. If you love riding bicycles, you would have a lot of fun riding a tandem bike. The visually impaired cyclist rides as the stoker while the partner (the captain) guides the way. Tandem cycling has been adopted in competitions such as the Paralympics. 

  1. Gardening

    Many people agree that gardening can be therapeutic. While trying out this hobby, it would be better to work with a small garden that won’t overwhelm you. You could also grow the plants in containers to keep them well-maintained. Over time, you may expand the garden and grow more plants. The feeling of nurturing a plant is indescribable. You definitely have to try it. 

  1. Listening, Singing, and Grooving to Music

    Singing is a hobby that can be done alone or with others, indoors or outdoors. You can invite friends over and have a singing competition. You can also listen to songs and dance along. You can attend concerts or clubs with a partner and dance until you have had enough fun. 

  1. Watching Movies with Audio Descriptions

    Most popular movies come with audio descriptions. These descriptions narrate the things happening on-screen to the blind and visually impaired so that they do not miss out on the experience. Several movies already have them, including many Netflix movies. Therefore, you can still watch most of your favorite movies at home or the cinema. 

  1. Modified Sports

    Whether just for leisure or professional competitions, blind or visually impaired people can still have fun with various sporting activities. It might be as simple as a game of catch, and it could also be games with defined rules, such as beep baseball and goalball. With the proper equipment, you can also enjoy other sports like tandem cycling, swimming, bowling, etc. 

  1. Going on Picnics

    What’s not to love about picnics? You get to spend time with friends and family, enjoy their food, company, and the serene environment. You can also plan or engage in fun games during these picnics.

  1. Sculpting

    Use your sense of touch and memory to create beautiful sculptures. Immerse yourself in your work and allow your sense of touch to guide you through a fantastic sculpting experience. For this hobby, the experience is more important than the final result, and you should definitely try it sometime.

  1. Playing Audio Games

    They aren’t very different from video games because they are designed to be played on personal computers or game consoles. Audio games provide audio feedback and descriptions to the player, making them suitable for blind and visually impaired people. All the genres of games that you can find in video games are also available in audio games such as action, adventure, sports, etc.

  1. Fishing

    You may need a guide or partner to set up when fishing, but it is fun and relaxing as soon as you get started. Find a partner, grab your fishing gear and be ready to put your hands to work.  

  1. Performing Exercise/Yoga

    These activities help improve the fitness of the mind, body, and soul. You can make this a hobby and have a unique daily routine to keep yourself fit. 

  1. Playing Board Games

    There are several board games that you can play for fun but the popular options are Braille monopoly, checkers, jigsaw puzzles, and specialized chess. Most of these games require an opponent. 

  1. Swimming

    Get some fitness while also relaxing in the water. A nice relaxing session in the hot tub will also add a nice dynamic to your day.

  1. Creating Digital Music

    The world of music is changing and its become accessible to all. Digital music is gaining popularity and can be created by anyone. Get the software online and start making electronic music from home.

  1. Developing Peer Groups Online

    Sites like Reddit get millions of views per month. Every kind of person is found on social sites. Whatever your interests are, you can start a group with likeminded people and solve the worlds problems together. 

Have You Found Your Hobby?

Whatever your interests are, there’s most likely a hobby associated with it. The seventeen hobbies mentioned above are just a few of the many available hobbies. With safety and fun being a priority, don’t hesitate to give different hobbies a try, you just may surprise yourself.

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