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22 Scary, Dark, and Even Creepy Hobbies

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22 Scary, Dark, and Even Creepy Hobbies

What is it about creepy, dark and scary hobbies that interests some? Is it that pit in the stomach the turns, or the gag that happens every time, or perhaps the grotesque or awkward feeling that comes with watching something unusual.

The dark and guilty pleasures that may be considered different or unique are worth considering as they can be really cool. Scary hobbies that wouldn’t exactly be described as typical are out there.

If you have an attraction to the macabre, or ‘different’ appeals to you, then below is a list of creepy hobbies that you might be interested in.

List of Scary, Dark, and Creepy Hobbies

1. Taxidermy

Taxidermy can be dated as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Taxidermy is an art form that involves stuffing a carcass with the purpose of mounting it to display, as an ornament.

During the taxidermy process, the dead creature’s body is skinned, cleaned, and filled with a special material before being sewn up to give the impression that it’s still alive.

2. Ghost Hunting

No one truly knows whether ghosts exist or not. Many people claim to have had such incredible paranormal experiences that they would even leave a skeptic dumbstruck.

Others delve even deeper and are willing to investigate spooky locations around the world, using all kinds of equipment to see if they can detect a ghost, even attempting to communicate through Ouija boards.

3. Chasing Horror Houses

Visiting a horror house is one way to trigger the fight or flight response within us, and is a scary way to get the adrenaline pumping through.

Actors dressing up in dark costumes and chasing you with chainsaws (minus the blades) is enough to get anyone’s heart racing and induce a few piercing screams.

4. Collecting Creepy Things

Collecting objects as a pastime sounds innocent enough, whether it be postal stamps, autographs, or old coins. However, try unordinary and find joy in collecting creepy things such as fingernails.

As if that isn’t creepy enough, other strange things include hair (bonus if it’s come from a celebrity), and even dead insects.

5. Witchcraft

Witchcraft is considered by some to be a religion, but we’re not here to argue that. It’s a craft just like painting but involves casting spells. Anyone can take up witchcraft regardless of their belief, and practice it to make potions and charms.

Despite how witches are often depicted in TV shows and books, witches can use spells for good as opposed to just dark magic.

6. Studying Serial killers

Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Harold Shipman submitted their victims to the most vile and unspeakable abuse, horrific stuff.

The fascination with them is what keeps many reading about them, listening to spooky true crime podcasts, and watching creepy documentaries dedicated to them. Looking for eerie things? These guys know a lot about that.

7. Murder Tourism

The natural reaction to a horrific murder taking place is one of abhorrence. Visit the exact location where the horrors took place, find a tour, or create your own based on your own research.

8. Exploring Abandoned Properties

Like ghost hunting, creepy and desolate buildings are perfect for those who are interested in history that makes the hairs on their neck stand up.

Whether it be an old church with an overgrown graveyard, or an abandoned asylum with old croaking pipes that sound like someone crying out in the distance, the eeriness of visiting can be exciting.

9. Furries

A furry is someone who has a deep interest in animals that have been given human characteristics, such as talking or walking on two legs, otherwise known as anthropomorphized animals.

It can sometimes be a sexual fetish, but it’s often done as a fun form of escapism from the mundane day-to-day life by those who are part of it. It can look pretty creepy.

10. Breeding Tarantulas

two caucasian hands holding a tarantula as a creepy hobby

Spotting a spider in the corner of your bedroom might make you squirm or send shivers down your spine, but breeding tarantulas can be a fun pastime and a way to make a bit of extra cash (if done well).

Arachnids aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but these creepy crawlies might just be for you. It’s important to make sure you educate yourself properly in order to provide a safe environment for them to inhabit.

11. Conspiracy Theories

Some can be completely innocent, but there are conspiracy theories that go darker than the Moon Landing Hoax. Whether it’s the government spying on us or lizard people in power, there are some theories out there that are enough to keep you awake at night.

These theories can be researched, discussed, and debated as a fun pastime, but the more you dig the darker it gets.

12. The Dark Web

Surfing the internet can be an entertaining or relaxing hobby for you. Accessing the dark web is a different level. Although legal, not completely safe, and a hub for illegal activity, the dark web will find you all the creepy things you desire.

13. Creating Bone Jewellery

Similar to taxidermy, enjoy the process of making jewelry from the bones or teeth of a dead animal. Not only this but the ashes of dead pets can also be utilized for making a ring or a necklace so that they are always with you. Cute, yet creepy.

14. Life-Like Baby Dolls

Collecting life-like baby dolls may seem creepy but can be comforting for some. These realistic toys can be so life-like that they’re unnerving but beautiful to look at.

They have been known to have therapeutic benefits for conditions such as anxiety or depression, or even for nostalgic purposes as they remind owners of their childhood.

15. Creating Scary Masks

An artistic outlet for creative individuals who crave something unique. Use old, tattered fabrics or unused chains to produce sinister and spooky masks, and make these outside of Halloween as a fun thing to do. Watch the reaction if you ever put one on.

16. Growing Crystals on Skulls

Combining art and chemistry, these skulls (or bones) provide a talking point for guests as well as a center piece for a coffee table. That’s if you have any spare skulls lying around.

17. Demonology

Study demons and everything about them. Mostly common in more religious parts of the world, demonology promotes the idea of an existence beyond death, outside of the pearly white gates. See what kind of rabbit hole you can go down.

18. Hanging Out Cemeteries

As eerie as a cemetery might be, actively choose to hang out at cemeteries and enjoy the peace. While there is nothing to stop you from taking a stroll through a graveyard, it’s important to remain respectful. You never know who may speak to you at night.

19. Life Drawing

Sketching another human being in real-time while they aren’t aware is creepy. Just make sure you know the person or may turn wrong quickly.

20. Occult Art

Occultism is based upon theories surrounding supernatural forces or beings, and the belief that they exist and have their own practices. Occult art represents this in a beautiful way. Draw your dark thoughts and let them manifest in your presence.  

21. Beetle Fighting

Some watch online videos of beetles fighting and others breed different species of beetles specifically to fight each other. Place the beetles in a tiny arena and watch the chaos. Entertainment for some, creepy for most.

22. People Watching

An inexpensive and harmless but creepy hobby. Sit on a bench and watch the world go by. Take pleasure in watching other people go about their daily life. Just don’t make it weird!

Weird, Wonderful, and Everything in Between Hobby for All

Regardless of what sort of things you are into, there are plenty of weird and wonderful things out there to catch your eye. If you’re bored of ‘normal,’ then hopefully this list has inspired you to try something new and maybe even take it up as a hobby.

As long as you’re safe, respectful, and not breaking the law, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t try out some of these scary and creepy hobbies.

If these don’t work, check out our full master list of hobbies, you’re bound to find something you love there.

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