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12 Reasons Why Hobby Gaming is Great

teenage hobby gamers sitting in a row with headsets playing video games

12 Reasons Why Hobby Gaming is Great

There are many aspects of gaming that have become appealing to many demographics. From any age group to country around the world, gaming has grown exponentially in popularity.

Hobby gaming is a fun way to play, relax, and even network with gamers around the world. Gaming has taken on new heights with the ability to start a side hustle out of it, grab the attention of millions of viewers around the world, and even make a career out of it.

The ability to meet people in places you haven’t heard of is enticing for many, and the technology has made some games so realistic that you feel like you’re there!

Here are some of the reasons why a gaming hobby has become a cool and fun new thing to do.

Reasons Why a Gaming Hobby is More than Just Fun

1. Stress Relief

Gaming can be a relaxing break from the stress of everyday life. Many video games have areas that are visually and audibly pleasing such as caves of magic crystals, a ledge in a forest, underwater areas, or a lakeshore.

In addition, many video games also offer activities such as fishing, crafting, or mining. Some games even use auto-battle or auto-gathering features which allow you to not be active in-game or provide the chance to step away from the computer or console.

2. Fulfills Boredom

Hobby gaming can be used to fill time periods that are often spent being bored or wondering what to do. Some games are open-ended to where you can spend countless hours enjoying the content while others require a set time for matches.

The average gamer spends about 9 hours per week in-game, but for some, this is a daily routine.

3. Socialization

Playing video games offers a great opportunity to socialize virtually with others that share your interest whether it’s in-game or through private chat services like Discord.

This can be fun in its own right just by discussing what you like about the game, things you have achieved, or sharing tips and tricks on the best way to achieve goals in-game. You can often meet great people online.

4. Allows for Creativity

Having a gaming hobby can be fun in that it allows one to explore their creative side. Whether it’s designing your character through in-game options, drawing characters or locations from the game, or writing fan fiction about the game, characters, or locations, the creative output can be amazing and can often lead to working with others within the gaming communities.

5. Offers Challenges

young male celebrating activity from a video game smiling and looking at the screen while wearing a headset

Video games offer a sense of accomplishment through challenges or beating the game. Often these challenges are very difficult to complete or very time-consuming, so being able to tell others about your accomplishments can be rewarding.

Often these accomplishments are rewarded in-game with special badges or titles that let people know of your deeds to get you that credibility that feels good.

Some Benefits of Hobby Gaming

6. In-Game Learning

Hobby gaming can teach various lessons including an introduction to budgeting. Many modern games have some form of in-game market for items crafted or earned in-game.

By learning how to buy low and sell high as well as where to earn the items in-game, often referred to as farming, one can learn the basic principles of investing while earning a good amount of in-game currency.

7. Mental Exercise

Every game offers puzzles or requires certain strategies to accomplish a goal. This can increase mental awareness, problem-solving skills, logical thinking abilities, and teach you to think outside of the box to come up with a creative solution to an issue, problem, or challenge.

8. Focus

young black girl focused on screen while hobby gaming

Focus and commitment are all part of gaming. Many games often require heavy focus to respond to events in real time. In addition, often you will work with others, called a party or team, to achieve goals that cannot be done by yourself. You must stay on task to complete the goals or risk not having success.

9. Teamwork

Most games offer the chance to join or create a clan, guild, or alliance which is often a group of players with similar outlooks or goals in-game. This is a great benefit for learning how to work well with others, delegate tasks, compromise or negotiate with others, and how one sets achievable goals or milestones.

Leaders or high-ranking members have to display their commitment to the game as well as the members that they associate with by devoting time and effort to assisting others, learning about the game, and sharing their knowledge.

10. Increase Hand-Eye Coordination

Games require quick reaction time and the ability to process what is occurring almost instantly. This is especially true for games that include some sort of player-versus-player (PVP) environment or system. By being able to respond quickly, you keep your character alive and are able to achieve your goals.

11. Expand Thinking Skills

Games require you to adapt to new situations or stimuli fairly quickly. Thinking quickly and being able to respond to a situation with speed is a skill that will go a long way in daily life. 

Opportunities That Can Form from a Gaming Hobby

12. Offers Career Opportunities

Hobby gaming can be fun while offering opportunities as a career. Many jobs or activities can arise from this great hobby as there are many industries related to gaming. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can still make a living while doing something that you love.

Gaming as a Hobby Has Its Perks

Gaming is fun, has personal benefits, and can provide career options for those that want to take it further. While allowing a break from the stress of daily life, gaming offers the opportunity for socializing with others and can provide a sense of achievement.

While often viewed as a sedentary hobby without benefits, one must evaluate all that is happening in gaming. Gaming can be a productive hobby when understood, and in modern times can provide for a lucrative side hustle or career. Use your gaming time wisely and you never know what it can lead to.

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