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Why It’s Great to Be a Serial Hobbyist

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Why It’s Great to Be a Serial Hobbyist

“So, what are your hobbies?” There is no doubt you’ve been asked this question before, whether by a potential employer, a date, a friend, or you may have even asked yourself this, “what are my hobbies?”

You start to ponder. Perhaps you like to refurbish furniture, play video games, build Lego, write poetry, or play an instrument. It can be that you can’t quite pinpoint your hobbies. It is possible that you’re in limbo between hobbies, putting a hold on the old ones, and contemplating which new ones to try out.

Maybe, just maybe, you are a serial hobbyist and are continuously looking for a new hobby to fill the void that the old ones can’t. 

What is a Serial Hobbyist?

To take pleasure and interest in more than one hobby, a serial hobbyist, is actually a good thing. By definition, a hobby is something that you do during your downtime, or rather your “me time.”

Collecting and crafting cereal boxes may be one; you might even say you’re a cereal hobbyist. Jokes aside, your “me time” is for relaxing, whether that means you experiment, learn, self-improve, or kickback.

“Me time” is not defined by certain rules and restrictions, which is why you can and should try out new hobbies. If you’re already not a serial hobbyist, you will be convinced to become one. 

Three Reasons it’s Good to Be a Serial Hobbyist

Reaching Your Potential 

Growth is a human condition. To be human means that you try new things, you evolve, you grow. But, if you’re only doing the same thing, the same hobby, and don’t try new ones, you’re not leaving much room for growth.

If you don’t truly love your hobbies, you should move on. Find the hobby that lifts your soul! Ken Jeong, known for playing Leslie Chow in The Hangover film series and Ben Chang in Community, wasn’t always an actor.

Formerly, he was practicing as a doctor. He had a deep interest in comedy and honed in on that hobby. His deep passion for his hobby led him to go to comedy clubs and perform, get up on stage and act, and just be true to himself. Now, he may not be a serial hobbyist, but he had found and pursued the hobby that made him truly happy.

Do you think you have a hobby that uplifts you? If not, try out other hobbies, move on, become a serial hobbyist until you find the hobby that truly speaks to you.  

Keeping the Mind Sharp

Apart from that, philosopher Sir Francis Bacon said that knowledge is power. By being a serial hobbyist, you gain more power. Think about it: you try out hobby after hobby and learn about it.

You may want to know more about cars so you explore different models, learn about engines, compare classes, and so on. Because of this, you know plenty about cars and can share that information with others. What if you decide okay, you’re very knowledgeable about cars and now it’s not as thrilling as it once was, so you decide to explore crocheting.

You pick up a hook, yarn, and head over to YouTube. You crochet a small blanket, a hat, and a scarf. Gifts are given to friends and family. Of course, you want to learn more, so you pick up other hobbies, one after another: coding, baking, refinishing.

Next thing you know, you’re having dinner with friends and can share knowledge about many things. In fact, you have conversation starters ready to go because by being a serial hobbyist you have, quite frankly, learned a lot. 

Method of Relieving Stress

All the more reason to be a serial hobbyist is that you learn ways to relieve stress. Remember, a hobby is an activity or interest that you undertake during your “me time.”

During your “me time,” you should be de-stressing from the hustle-bustle of life. Don’t feel as relaxed with a hobby that once upon a time used to put you at ease? That’s okay. Pick up another one or a few.

Go for it. If you don’t try, how will you know which hobby is the hobby–the one that brings inner peace? In your quest to become a serial hobbyist, here are some popular hobbies you may want to undertake.

Popular Hobbies Serial Hobbyists Pursue


You don’t need a fancy, expensive camera to start off on this one. If you have a smartphone, whether it be an Android or iPhone, you can start right now. There are tutorials for you (such as iPhone and Android) available for you to learn about all the photography features and capabilities, many of which you’ll be surprised to know exist at your fingertips.

Through photography, not only can you capture memorable moments, but you can create art. After all, our drive as humans is to be artistic, but often this peaceful and calming side of us is suppressed by our busy lives.

So, take your phone outside this evening, watch the sky turn red as the sun sets, and experiment. 


Perhaps photography wasn’t for you. You gave it a shot but that inner peace wasn’t coming. Yoga, a practice that aligns your mind and body, might be the answer you’re looking for.

Yoga can be practiced at any pace that is comfortable for you–the limits that feel good to your mind and body. To practice Yoga is a skill. As with learning anything new, achieving peace takes time. At first, you may feel as though it’s challenging to concentrate and be still, but over time, you will find that your body and mind are calm.

You are calm. And like most hobbies, you can find beginner tutorials to get you started on YouTube. Being a serial hobbyist will take you through many hobbies, some of which you don’t enjoy as much as others, and you’ll find one that is perfect for your mental health. 

Refurbishing Furniture

Your path as a serial hobbyist may lead you to explore refurbishing furniture, which means that you take furniture, which to some may seem old or like trash, and breathe life into it. The act of refurbishing takes time and patience, but when you’re in that zone, working on a product, that is when you feel excited.

You can take anything–an old coffee table, a nightstand, a mirror–and make it new again. Again, like all new hobbies you want to try out, it may not come easy at first. But keep practicing and keep trying. You will then refurbish to your heart’s content. 

Are You Interested in Becoming a Serial Hobbyist?

Now, you probably want to reclaim your “me time” with something you truly enjoy doing and relieves you of your daily stress. Or maybe you want to broaden your knowledge. What better way than to give many hobbies a try, as a serial hobbyist, to find the one that speaks to you?

But, where do you start? Well, come up with a list of activities you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t quite get around to them. Rank them from the ones you’re the most excited about to the least excited and work your way through them.

To become a serial hobbyist you just need to start. Pick something, put your head down, and go for it!

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