25 Refreshing Hobbies for Lazy People

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25 Refreshing Hobbies for Lazy People

Being lazy is a tendency for many. From feeling the need to lay down and rest to the act of full-on deep sleep, laziness is real. Those of us that are high on the lazy scale still need hobbies though. Here are some hobbies for lazy people that will refresh you and make you feel productive again. Of course, we need to start small and we’ll do so with hobbies that take very minimal energy.

Low-Energy Hobbies for Lazy People

You do not even have to sit up to enjoy the following hobbies! You can lie on your bed. You may only have to reach out to your phone or tablet.

1.    Sleep

Well, you probably do a lot of this already, but if not, let’s get it out of the way early. Human beings spend as much as a third of their lives sleeping. For good reason too, because sleep gives too many health benefits to count. Even a nap in the middle of the day is beneficial. To sleep well, avoid screens for half an hour before bedtime.

Shut out as much light in your bedroom as possible while making sure that the room is at your ideal temperature. Close your eyes and take slow deep breaths. In the long term, it is important to develop a consistent sleep schedule. Finally, use a natural sleep aid now and then to help with bouts of insomnia.

2.    Breath Meditation

Breath meditation involves closing your eyes and simply focusing on counting your deep breaths, in and out. Meditation increases natural melatonin levels which helps with restful sleep. Meditation also decreases the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, and may even help with both physical and mental health conditions.

3.    Read Poetry

Human beings have always produced great poetry in many different languages. So much of this poetry is accessible online. Researchers have found that reading poetry boosts our memory and stimulates the parts of the brain linked to rest. Reading poetry is also time and energy-efficient because poems tend to be shorter than other kinds of reading.

4.    Listen to Music, Podcasts or Audiobooks

Download apps like Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes and Audible on your smartphone to catch up with your favorite musicians, speakers and authors! You may choose to invest in a small speaker or a pair of headphones to enhance your listening experience.

5.    Organize Your Phone

Declutter your smartphone by organizing your apps, pictures and documents. Organizing your phone can be quite calming.

6.    Shop Online

Have you been meaning to make an order online but have never quite found the time? Shopping online is a great lazy hobby. Use your time to find great bargains!

7.    Online Games and Puzzles

Download fun games like chess or jigsaw puzzles on your phone. Online chess in particular is a good hobby to unwind and enhance your cognitive skills.

8.    Text or Call a Loved One

Take a minute to call or send a thoughtful message to one of your family members or friends! To strengthen your close relationships, do this lazy hobby often.

9.    Watch Nature Documentaries

Researchers at the University of Exeter have shown that watching nature documentaries boosts our mood and reduces sadness and boredom. Both bite-sized and longer nature documentaries are available online. Some of them are as short as five minutes long while others stretch up to hours. Choose either depending on how much time you have.

10.  Stream Video Games

Watching others play is a good way for a gamer to polish their own skills. This hobby for lazy people allows for the gamer to take a break from gaming while still being plugged in. The most popular video game streaming service is Twitch. Other streaming service apps that a gamer should consider downloading include Caffeine, Mobcursh, Owncast and Facebook Gaming.

Higher Energy Hobbies for Lazy People

Sometimes you just don’t want to leave your bed. That’s okay. Put a few fluffy pillows behind your back for these lazy hobbies. They work for bedtime too!

11.        Knit

Knitting is a great lazy hobby! Not only will you get the satisfaction of making a tangible product but you will also relieve your mind by using your hands in a focused activity.

12.       Read a Physical Book

Keep a book by your bedside. You can buy a bookmark or make your own by folding a piece of paper in half. Reading a physical book rests your eyes in addition to many other scientifically-proven benefits.

13.        Online Book Clubs

Find people online with whom to share your thoughts about the books you have read. You can join existing book clubs or form one of your own. Online book clubs are a great way to connect with like-minded people on a much deeper level than is common on regular social media platforms. Such connections may even end up as real-life friendships!

Relatively High Energy Hobbies for Lazy People

Although you can enjoy these hobbies at home, you will need a desk, table or countertop. You may also need a chair. These lazy hobbies are perfect for when you want to move around in your living space but do not want to leave your house.

14.       Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books were all the rage a few years ago. They are calming and the perfect lazy hobby because of how easy they are to use. Grab one or two and a box of coloring pencils and you are good to go!

15.         Write

Research has proven that writing is very beneficial for the mind and heart. For this hobby, do not hesitate to express yourself in whatever way you see fit. You may write letters, poetry, fiction or fill your journal privately. All these kinds are guaranteed to bring you enormous psychological benefits.

16.         Paint

You do not have to have artistic talent to enjoy drawing or painting’s numerous benefits. Paint whatever you want however you want. Tapping into your childlike self in this way will decrease your stress and stimulate your mind.

17.         Scrapbooking

Use old photos or print new ones from your phone or computer. Cut them into fun shapes and stick them on the pages of a notebook. Stick cutout letters or interesting drawings next to your pictures. Write down your memories.

18.         Tinker with your Diet

Try a new recipe or replace an ingredient in an old recipe. Watch how your palette reacts as you experiment with your usual diet. If ordering in, sample a whole new cuisine or simply try to have a dish that you have never had before. You might discover a new favorite dish or a new way of cooking! 

19.         Make a Cocktail

Become an amateur mixologist by playing around with the drinks in your cabinet. Use the skills learned to impress future guests!

20.        Beauty Tutorials

Countless hair, makeup and skin regimen tutorials are available on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet. Set up a vanity mirror as you play with new techniques and different hair products, makeup shades and colors and skin products.

You can reuse old products and buy others cheaply at a drugstore, where you can also swipe a few free samples. With this lazy hobby, you may discover a look or product you like. A new eyeliner technique may make your eyes pop or a new product may moisturize your hair in just the right way. This is an excellent lazy hobby with very good returns in the long run!

21.         Dance

Pick a TikTok dance or simply dance to your favorite music. Use Bluetooth headphones or a speaker. You can dance in front of a mirror. You can dance alone or with a partner. You can dance alone in your room or for an audience of other people in your home.

You can choose to record your dancing on your phone for TikTok or just for future reference. Dancing has a huge number of physical benefits but its social and emotional aspects are key as well.

22.       Jigsaw Puzzles and Board Games

Just like their online versions, jigsaw puzzles and board games like chess and monopoly are great ways to unwind and stimulate your mind. If you can find other people to play with, playing these games in real life will give you a chance to bond with others. Prepare a few drinks and snacks for a cozy and lazy group game night!

Hobbies Outside the Home

If you are ready to step out of your home, here are a few relaxing hobbies to adopt.

23.       Walks

Many great thinkers throughout history walked every day. Walks give as many physical benefits as they do psychological ones. A short walk will boost your mood and go a long way toward clearing your anxiety and depression.

24.        Birdwatching

Birdwatching is a great hobby for lazy people as it can be done at all levels, from beginner to experienced. The tools you will need to get started with birdwatching are a bird identification field guidebook and a birding app on your smartphone or tablet. Birdwatching has been linked to increased happiness.

25.       Bird Feeding

Install a bird feeder on your porch to attract birds. Another alternative is to take walks in the park to feed wild birds, only if it is legal in your locale to do so. Please make sure that it is legal to feed the wild birds before doing so.

Lazy But Kind of Not Lazy

It’s ok to feel lazy. It’s also ok to want to do something when you’re feeling lazy. These refreshing hobbies for lazy people were meant to give you something to think about. Whether you feel like moving or not is up to you, but do know that there are many things you can do while still feeling lazy.

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