27 Funny Hobbies to Keep You Laughing

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27 Funny Hobbies to Keep You Laughing

Everybody needs fun in their life sometimes. Many hobbies are serious, some are active, and others fill a void for the laughter that we need in our lives.

Laughing is not only healthy for the body and mind but reduces stress and occupies time with fun and creativity. Here are some funny hobbies to get you smiling and laughing.

Indoor Hobbies to Keep You Laughing

1. Dress Up Your Pet

Dress your pet in funny pet clothes for a day full of laughter. You may find funny pet clothes at general online retailers or specialty pet stores. If you have more than one pet, follow a theme such as pirate night or rock band for extra laughter. Invite your friends and their pets for a pet party.  

2. Wear Ridiculous Clothes Yourself

Enjoy this funny hobby alone or with family and friends. Laugh as you wear the most ridiculous outfits you can find. Have theme nights or post your pictures on social media for more laughter. If you have kids around, dress them up and find a mirror they can see, the laughter will be contagious.

3. Create a Comedy Act

This funny hobby will keep you laughing all night long… perhaps even at yourself. Set a pretend stage, get some props, and find a costume. Come up with your best lines and even invite an audience as you recite them live. Let your creativity take you through the night.

4. Charades

The game of charades is a funny classic for good reason. Charades should be played by a group of people for a greater effect. Pick a starting player, ask them to stand in front of the room, think of a word and get them to act it out. The first person to guess the word wins!

5. Karaoke

Buy a karaoke machine or create your own setup at home. Have a blast with your friends and family as you recreate and blast out your favorite songs. Throw in some dance moves for the full experience.

6. Improv

Play improv by asking one person to begin to tell a story. Somebody else then takes the story up by saying “Yes, and…” adding another line to the story. This process goes on. Everybody will laugh as the story becomes more ridiculous. Alternatively, go watch an improv show!

7. Puppet shows

Use old socks and sew buttons onto them to make your own puppet. Use a Sharpie to draw out a mouth and nose. You can also buy brand-new puppets or create puppets in different ways. This funny hobby is very family-friendly.

8. Ventriloquism

This hobby is similar to putting on a puppet show but slightly varies. A ventriloquist performs as the puppeteer and themself. You can buy a ventriloquist’s dummy or make one.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy this funny hobby. Trying to keep your mouth shut while speaking through the dummy will keep your audience laughing.

9. Put on a Magic Show

Magic is a great hobby to keep everyone laughing. Follow some tutorials online and come up with some funny tricks. For extra effect, wear a comical outfit!

Male caucasian magician performing funny hobbies with a top hat and wand, wearing a black suit and bow tie

10. Create Your Own Show

Can’t find a comedy show to watch? No worries! Write your own show! You don’t have to be as funny as a professional comedian, but you can try! Use as many knock-knock or dad jokes as you like.

11. Forehead Detective Game

Stick the name of a famous person on somebody’s forehead. This person asks everybody else yes or no questions until they figure out the name. The sillier the questions, the more laughter you’ll provide.

12. Broken Telephone

Sit in a circle and have one of you come up with a secret sentence. This person whispers the word to the person next to them this continues until the end of the circle.

Ask the last person in the circle to say out loud what they heard. Expect a random, silly sentence that will make everybody laugh.

13. Make A First Aid Humor Kit

Prepare this kit for a rainy day. Stuff it with comic strips, jokes, and cartoons that can be pulled out when laughter is required. If any of your friends or family are feeling low, give them a first-aid humor kit.

14. Read A Funny Book

Comedy in written form is a great way to unwind. Books are easily available at your local library or bookstore, or in the form of e-books. Look online for the most random, funny books or you can always search your local garage sales to see what kind of laughter it can provide.

15. Comic Strips

Find a comic strip that you really like and follow it all the way through. Comic strips can be found everywhere, from print newspapers and books to online communities or your local hobby shop.

Increase your fun by going to your local library to look at the comic strips in old newspapers. Comic strips are a classic and unforgettable art designed to keep you laughing for hours.

16. Make a Mess

Making a mess by throwing unusual things at your friends is always fun. The old fashion food gets laughter going but we prefer to not waste food. Get creative using alternative products such as slime, paint, or anything else sitting around your house.

Funny Board and Card Games

17. Cards Against Humanity

This game is one of the most popular card games available. The fill-in-the-blank game will keep you laughing using some memorable and awkward humor.

Deck of Cards Against Humanity spread out with white cards in the back and black card at the forefront

18. Dixit

This game comes with 84 illustrated cards. A player picks a card from their hand and gives a clue. Every other player then picks a card that they think matches the clue. It’s always a funny surprise when the original player reveals their card.

19. Tenzi

Each player gets 10 dice. At the word ‘go,’ all the players roll their dice as many times as it takes to make sure all 10 are at the same number. The player yells, ‘Tenzi!’ The frenzy keeps everybody laughing.

20. Apples to Apples

Four to ten players are required. There are red cards and green cards, red apples and green apples. Each contains a different phrase. Pick a judge for the first round.

The judge deals seven red cards to each player and they then pick a card from the green pile of cards. Every other player deals a card that they think matches the one picked by the judge. Laugh at the wacky combinations.

Outdoor Hobbies to Keep You Laughing

21. Muggle Quidditch

If only we had magic brooms that could fly in the sky! Luckily, we can play Muggle Quidditch, which is the closest that human beings get to flying on brooms. Find a small bouncy ball that will act as the snitch. Gather brooms, clear out your backyard or go to the park.

22. Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing involves wrapping objects with knitted pieces. Use premade knitted pieces or knit your own. The sense of mischief and silliness when you wrap a tree or mailbox with a colorful piece of yarn will get you giggling.

23. Bubble Soccer

An inflatable bubble or round suit for every player is required. The suits allow you to safely bump into each other and fall on the ground without getting injured as you play soccer/football.

Run and crash into each other as you attempt to use your feet to play the game. Bubble soccer is a rough and tumble game that provides protection to prevent injuries.

two players playing bubble soccer/football with a soccer ball and one is falling down as a funny hobby

24. Juggling

Juggle anything you can get your hands on, then try some tricks. A difficult hobby to get going, juggling takes practice and time to get used to. Once mastered, you can juggle various items.

Part of the laughter is in the frustration of learning. This requires patience and a good attitude for laughter. Using weird objects to juggle can add to the fun.

25. Face Painting

As always, you don’t have to be a pro. Gather as much face paint as possible and have a blast together with your friends and family, from kids to adults. Your amateur paintings are bound to need practice, so let it be funny. Let your imagination go as your silliness shows through.

26. Mooing

This funny hobby is just as wacky as it sounds. It simply involves mooing like a cow. Mooing can be competitive and believe it or not, there’s a large mooing fan base around the country.

27. News Raiding or News Bombing

News raiding or ‘bombing’ is about getting into a broadcast or behind a journalist to allow you to appear on a televised broadcast. ‘News raiding’ is a hobby that takes a lot of work as the ‘news raider’ must figure out where a broadcast is being shot and find a strategic way to get in. The fun is in being subtle and seeing how long you can last.

Laughter for All

Funny hobbies are only as enjoyable as you make them. Whether it’s being silly or using props, creativity will get you to laugh. Laughing is always more fun with somebody, so go find an audience and allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone for a good time.

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