Dinghy Cruising |  A Hobby Worth Exploring

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Dinghy Cruising |  A Hobby Worth Exploring

Many adventure seekers and water lovers enjoy the popular hobby of dinghy cruising. Dinghy cruising offers advantages that many sailors love to explore when they have a few hours, days, or weeks to spend on the water. 

Dinghies are small, inexpensive boats that anyone can enjoy as they make their way through the water to the next interesting destination. While aboard your dinghy, you can take in the smells of the fresh sea air, enjoy drinks from your cooler, and just enjoy cruising to the next beautiful place to anchor.

Dinghies are used for more than just racing. In fact, dinghy cruising is a popular hobby that many boat enthusiasts enjoy without all the hassle, expense, and technology. Dinghies allow adventure seekers to be one with nature as they sail calmly through the water for days or weeks at a time.

What is Dinghy Cruising?

Dinghy cruising is a type of boating that requires a small, open-decked boat to get from destination to destination. Typically, these boats are no more than 20 feet in length, although many are much smaller.

Cruising is a relaxing sport that many nature lovers enjoy while taking in the ocean or sea views as they make their way down the coast. Some people enjoy coastal cruising while others want to spend the afternoon cruising on a quiet lake or intercostal waterway.

The length of each cruising trip can vary anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the sailing destinations. Most trips last a few days, as people take their time cruising through the open water and taking in the scenery.

Dinghies offer boat enthusiasts a chance to be close to nature without the frills of a large, racing sailboat.  The size of dinghy boats varies, allowing you to choose whether you like to sail solo or with family and friends.

While aboard a dinghy, you can cruise along the coastline of your favorite locations, take time to jump in the water and snorkel, or even sleep on board if your dinghy offers enough space.

What Type of Dinghy Should I Get?

There are many types of dinghies on the market. Some, if not most, dinghies come equipped with at least one sail, but some are motorized as well for longer journeys. Dinghies are typically made from fiberglass or wood. When choosing the right dinghy to meet your needs, it is important to consider a few factors. 

Factors to consider when selecting your dinghy include:

  • Length of your trip

  • Level of skill (beginner vs. expert)

  • Budget

  • Speed

  • Storage space

  • Frequency of cruising

  • Number of passengers

There are many different models of dinghies that can make it difficult to choose the best one for your needs. Because they are small, open-decked boats, they are all easy to maneuver.

Dinghies also offer functionality, quality, and design when they are manufactured for cruising purposes. These boats are also made for speed in the water, as cruising requires you to move quickly from place to place.

Hard vs. Inflatable Dinghies

Most dinghies can be separated into two categories: hard and inflatable. Both of these designs offer different advantages to meet its cruisers style and needs.

Hard Dinghies

Avid sailors and water lovers are likely to invest in a hard-surfaced dinghy. These are lightweight to allow for solo sailors to maneuver them alone, but they are also more expensive and difficult to store.

Hard dinghies are best for those who intend to use their boat on a regular basis, as they can be left at the dock between uses. 

Inflatable Dinghies

Those with an active lifestyle and little storage space love inflatable dinghies. These boats can be deflated after each use, and many of them fit easily into storage bags that make them easy to transport between journeys.

For those that lack storage space for their boats, an inflatable dinghy is the way to go.  Inflatable dinghies are also known as portable dinghies.

Many large boat owners will also have inflatable dinghies on board, allowing them to easily get to shore after anchoring their large ship near the coast. These offer portability that make it much easier to get in and out of the boat when at their destination.

Why Dingy Cruising is a Great Hobby

Do you love the water? Do you want to learn how to sail? Dinghy cruising is the perfect hobby for those who enjoy taking in the ocean views while honing their sailing and boating skills. Cruising is a recreational hobby that can turn into a real sport.

Advantages of Dinghy Cruising

Many water lovers and boating enthusiasts enjoy the benefits that are offered by dinghy cruising. In addition to being the perfect gateway to the sport of sailing, it also offers boaters with a chance to truly take in the views and scenery as you cruise.

Great for Training

Beginner sailors love to try dinghy cruising or dingy sailing before taking up the sport. It is a great way to learn the basic boating fundamentals and sailing skills that can be applied to larger boats later. 


Dinghy cruising is a perfect hobby for those that want to spend their time in the water but do not want to invest in a large boat. Because there are many portable dinghy models on the market, it is easy to inflate and deflate these boats.

Enjoy all the perks of boating without the hassle, and expense, of storing a large boat.

Improves Mental Health

Dingy cruising allows many people to slow down and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While cruising slowly through the ocean, lake, or sea, many people feel relaxed as the stress melts away from them. The calming principles of water and fresh air also provide rejuvenating benefits on mental health.

It May Be Time to Try Dinghy Cruising

These are just a few of the benefits that dinghy sailing and cruising can offer. When you are looking for a new hobby to try, consider this boating sport. Not only will dingy cruising provide you with once-in-a-lifetime coastal views, but it can also give you an opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy relaxation without a care in the world.

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