How to Affordably Keep Up with Fashion as a Hobby

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How to Affordably Keep Up with Fashion as a Hobby

For decades, people have expressed themselves using the clothing they don, the accessories they carry, and the shoes they collect. Fashion has become one of the largest empires in the world, allowing self-expression, enjoyment, conversation, culture, and art to revolve around its very existence.

It constantly changes as time passes, which gives it new life, value, and adoration through each season. Fashion is a $1.2 trillion industry that also employs over 2 million people alone.

Although there is much money to be made in fashion, many people choose to follow the industry as a hobby. Personal interest in the evolving styles and everchanging trends makes fashion one of the top hobbies to enjoy. Fashion as a hobby is much more than just shopping.

Being passionate about fashion can open many doors, both personally and professionally. There are many ways to turn your love of fashion into a hobby, without breaking the bank. These simple tips can help you learn how to affordably flourish your passion for fashion into an activity of great pleasure.

Is Fashion a Hobby?

Hobbies allow you to turn your passions and interests into leisurely enjoyment in your spare time. If you love researching the latest style trends, admiring the red-carpet dresses highlighted at award shows, and perusing the clothing racks to find that perfect outfit in your local shopping mall, you may just have a fashion hobby.

Those who desire to understand more behind the fashion industry, the history, culture, and art that goes into the process also enjoy merging this influence into their own wardrobe choices. These individuals may become influencers, stylists, bargain hunters, creators, or seamstresses in their spare time.

Many also love to share their knowledge and passion with others in life, through blogs, forums, conversation, or clubs. This is where the hobby emerges.

But, shopping is expensive

Fashion as a hobby offers many opportunities, experiences, and roles for those that want to share their passion with others – without spending all your money. By shopping smarter and following the right tips, you can enjoy your love of fashion while also being financially responsible. 

In fact, your fashion hobby is much more than just shopping

There are many ways to save money (and maybe even earn a side income) while expressing and enjoying a passion for the fashion industry. There are many tips that make your hobby of fashion an affordable and practical addition to your life.

Ways to Afford Your Fashion Hobby

Although magazines, TV shows, and Hollywood may have planted the love of passion, it is truly in the streets where you see it blossom. The clothes people wear, the style they develop, and the art around each individually created piece are something to adore and share with others. 

You may think that it takes a hefty bank account, or maybe even a large amount of credit card debt, to take up this hobby, but that’s incorrect. These are just a few ways to be financially smart while still enjoying your personal hobby of fashion.

Create Inspiration Boards

Before you head to the stores, take the time to create some inspiration boards. Go on Pinterest or cut images out of magazines that reflect the style, vision, and aesthetic that you want to create. Not only is creating these boards enjoyable, but it can also narrow your focus on certain trends or apparel pieces to look for once you start shopping.

Shop Thrifty and Buy Secondhand

Those with established style can find staple pieces for their wardrobe at secondhand or thrift stores. Consider rifling through the racks of local thrift stores to find pieces that fit your style, and you can save BIG. These items may be gently used, but they will be heavily discounted. 

Search for Sale Events

Smart shoppers are always on the lookout for sales, clearance, and special events at their favorite stores. Most stores offer savings to loyal customers, so consider joining loyalty programs or clubs that offer discounts or other incentives. Waiting until a sale can save you anywhere from 15-50% off brand-new merchandise.

Look for sale events around the popular holidays, including:

  • President’s Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Columbus Day

  • Black Friday

  • Cyber Monday

Avoid Name Brands

Name brands and labels come with expensive price tags. It is possible to spend the entire budget on one name-brand item, leaving you without the rest of your outfit. To save your money, avoid stores that offer only name brands.

Consider shopping at outlet malls that offer these pieces at steep discounts. If a certain name brand matches your aesthetic, look for sales, coupons, or dupes that give you a similar appearance.

Try Unique Combinations

Consider new combinations with items that are already in your wardrobe. One of the best ways to stay edgy with your fashion choice is to try new things or new pairings.

Many fashion trends go in and out as the year’s pass, so dig deep into your closet to pair old items with some fresh ones. Not only will this allow you to save money, but you can use your fashion to mix vintage styles with popular trends on the rise.

Swap with Friends

Do you and your friends have similar tastes? If so, you can save money by swapping clothes with your friends. Instead of investing money in an entirely new outfit for an upcoming event, visit your friends’ closets to see if there is anything that matches your style vision.

Ask them to borrow clothes or offer them trades with items in your closet. By swapping with friends, it will feel as though you always have something fresh and new to wear.

Avoid Impulse Buying

Even the best bargain hunter can be thrown off course when they purchase items on an impulse. It is important to avoid impulse buying so that your efforts do not go to waste. Stay on top of future events so you can prepare ‘the perfect outfit’ in advance without buying items at the highest costs. Avoid irrational shopping styles, like retail therapy.

Invest in Pieces that Last

Fashion is always changing, which can make it difficult when you want to save your money but still match the latest trends. To combat these costs, invest in pieces that last throughout the trends. Choose quality pieces that offer a classic and fresh look, no matter the paired pieces.

As the trends change, it is easy to throw on a classic jacket or timeless pair of heels with any outfit, without having to purchase anything new at that time.

How to Start Your Hobby

Now that you know a fashion hobby is possible without going broke. But, where do you start? How to you make your hobby blossom into something you can enjoy each day? 

One of the most unique aspects of a fashion hobby is that there are tons of opportunities you can enjoy. There are ways to share fashion with small groups of people, and there are ways to share your style, develop an aesthetic, and inspire many people at once. The options are endless, and that’s where the fun begins.

Consider your lifestyle, personality, and style, and choose which methods match the goals you have for pursuing your own interest in fashion. These are just a few ways to start your hobby of fashion. 

Dress the Part

Take time to discover your style and fashion interests that match your personality. By having an established aesthetic, you can then grow your fashion hobby around that vision. Add pieces to your wardrobe that reflect this style, allowing you to dress in the way you like. 

Talk About It

Many people start their hobby organically, and this all stems from conversations they have with others. Those who cannot stop talking about fashion at the dinner table, and those who have social circles that revolve around these interests will naturally fill this role. It is where the passion is first discovered.

Offer Styling Advice

If you love putting outfits together, consider offering styling advice to friends and family. This will give you the chance to express your passion for fashion without buying anything for yourself. Simply offer your styling wisdom and help them put together outfits, pick the perfect dress, or get ready for an important event.

Start a Blog

Many flourishing fashion bloggers start their blog as a hobby. A blog is a perfect platform to share your style, discuss your fashion inspiration, create an aesthetic, piece together the perfect outfit ideas, or just discuss daily musings about upcoming trends.

Bloggers have the ability to cultivate a following of other like-minded individuals that also wish to hear about fashion. 

Once you start to gain a following in your blog, it is also possible to monetize your blogging efforts and turn your hobby into a lucrative stream of income.

Post on Social Media

Fashion influencers can also further their hobby quickly by creating a page on social media to express their style, inspiration, and tips. Go on Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook and create a page that gives you a place to post about your love of fashion. Take photos of your daily outfits, help others find the perfect outfit, and shed light on where to find the latest trends.

Host Fashion Events with Friends

Invite your friends over for a night full of fashion and style. Throw a themed party that gives everyone an opportunity to dress in a certain style, like 80s grunge or 90s hipster. Consider weekly get-togethers to watch fashion shows or larger Hollywood events. Creating a community of fashion-loving friends can allow your hobby to flourish, fulfilling both social and personal goals.

Don’t Break the Bank

These are just a few of the many ways to fuel your fashion hobby without breaking the bank and spending too much money. When it comes to fashion, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your style, portray an aesthetic, and learn about the art, culture, and history, while also creating a community to share these interests. Fashion as a hobby is a great way to express yourself and have fun while doing it.

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