25 Productive Hobbies for Women in Their 20s

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25 Productive Hobbies for Women in Their 20s

In your 20s it’s very easy to get lazy, lackadaisical, and to lose your groove as life gets busier. This is a time in your life where it is essential to have productive hobbies, and keep your mojo going.

Productive hobbies should make you feel accomplished, happy, healthy, and should push those buttons that keep you moving in the right direction. Have you thought about what does this for you?

If you’re sitting here reading and wondering what kind of productive hobby you can start as a woman in your 20s, you’ve come to the right place. Your 20’s is the time to figure out which hobbies you love most and more importantly, which ones will make you better.

Below are 25 hobbies you could try as a woman in your 20’s. Of course, this list isn’t limited to people in their 20’s, they’re beneficial for everybody. So, pick a few or try them all!

Creative Hobbies for Women in their 20s to Try

  1. Plant Propagation

Propagating plants is the act of taking a leaf or stem off a plant and creating an entirely new plant. This is very easy to do as you simply make the cut, transfer it into water, and then watch it GROW. You can do as many as you can handle and then you can gift them, sell them, or keep them all and have the most breathable home ever.

  1. Journaling

Journaling is a great way to keep life on track and stay motivated. A journal could be a planner or a simple notebook containing your emotions each day. Gratitude journaling is the new talk of the town. 

  1. Start a Blog 

Blogging goes hand in hand with journaling. If you’re already journaling, try turning your journal into a blog. You could make money, make friends, and/or help people with something. What you write is up to you, it’s your blog after all. It can be quite fun if you enjoy writing and you’d be surprised at the good things that happen when you start one (trust me, I tried it).

  1. Knitting

Perhaps you’re thinking, isn’t that for older ladies? No! You can learn to knit or crochet anything. It’s a great skill to learn and it distracts your hands. You could knit things for your dog or you could knit things as a gift for anyone. Knitting is cool, and you can create awesome things with yarn.

  1. Painting

Painting is a fabulous hobby and there are so many different types of paint and paintings. Paintings don’t have to be perfect. Start with no details and then slowly start making more detailed paintings. Have fun with it, it’s not a chore until you have to clean up.

  1. Photography

Taking photographs, no matter what they are of, is a wonderful hobby. You can learn new photography techniques and start an Instagram account with all the photos you’ve taken. Someone else will love them too. Photography is rewarding because you can learn how to capture memories and amazing photos that could be shared for a lifetime.

  1. Travel

Traveling is one of the best experiences on earth. You get to go someplace new, meet new people and see new sights. If you go to another country, you can even immerse yourself in a new culture and learn first hand.

You can start by travelling locally and as your situation allows, start travelling internationally. After all, you never know what happens. You might even meet your soulmate in a beautiful coastal country (like I did… Croatia!).

Hobbies that Help Others

  1.  Volunteer Work

With a quick look around your community, you’ll most likely come up with a list of places to volunteer that seem extremely fun and rewarding. It could be for organizations you believe in, or the local animal shelter taking care of puppies. The only way the world gets better is if we all try our best to help others.

  1. Help Your Older Neighbours

Tasks such as watering flowers and washing our car seem so easy when young. Have you thought about what it would be like in your 80’s? Consider helping that senior on your street, you may be surprised at how much a small gesture means to them. You could always leave a note at their door with your number and tell them if they need help with anything you’re right down the street.

  1. Teaching (For Fun)

Do you have something you are good at that you could easily teach others? Maybe blog about it or upload a video to YouTube teaching others how to do it. Again, you could make some money and you get to teach people something new. That always feels good.

  1. Cook for Someone

Start learning how to cook your favorite foods. Make extra and give it to a friend or family member. Cooking a meal for someone is a great way to show appreciation and respect. It’s also extremely helpful to cook for anyone who cannot cook for themselves. Even if your first meals don’t turn out very well, at least it was cooked with love!

  1.  Donate Old Clothes

This can be a very necessary hobby. Donate your clothes somewhere so people who need them will get them and create space in your closet. Whether you choose to leave the space or fill it with new clothes is up to you but the act of donating your unused clothes will feel extremely rewarding. 

Health Improving Hobbies

  1. Take Yoga Classes

Yoga is good for physical and mental health. The benefits of stretching your muscles and some human interaction can both take place in a yoga class.  The community of instructors and participants is usually welcoming, making it less stressful. It’s a very inspiring environment and you can get your body moving!

  1. At-Home Workout Challenges

There are many amazing at-home workout challenges. On YouTube, you can find a workout challenge for virtually anything you want to improve. I recommend taking photos to measure your progress. Once you see the results you might never stop!

  1. Learn Something New

Take an online class or perhaps watch a DIY video and try to follow along. Learning new things improves your brain function. In your 20’s you get to choose what you want to learn so it’s much more fun when it’s on your own free will.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is extremely important during the hustle and bustle of your 20’s. If meditation is difficult for you, try an online guided meditation. You won’t regret taking a deep breath and calming down.

  1. Make Your Own Candles

Learning a new craft is great for your mental health. Plus, the scent of the candle is calming and can help relax your body. Candles are great for relaxing baths and meditation, and making them is very satisfying.

  1. Read… Anything

Reading is a lot more fun when your teacher or parent isn’t forcing you to do it. You can read anything. Non-fiction is great if you want to learn something new or catch up on history. Fiction is perfect for relaxing, escaping, and overall, just fairytale vibes. Reading anything heightens your intelligence and your thought processing skills.

  1. Run

Go for a run, join a running group. Either way, running is good for your body and mind. Your body releases endorphins and serotonin when you run allowing you to feel good. While running may not be fun for many, the benefits are quite worth it.

  1. Hike

Hiking has similar benefits to running but it can be a lot more relaxed. You can go at your own pace and enjoy all the nature around you. Hiking can be more interesting than running depending on your location, as when you get to a beautiful destination you can have a picnic, take a photo, or meditate and take it all in.

  1. Start or Join a Biking Community

Starting or joining a biking community can not only motivate you to get outside, but it can create friendships, a safety net, and also an accountability group that pushes you towards your goals. Group exercise is great for motivation and getting some fresh air with it is a bonus.

Hobbies that Involve Exploring

  1. Find Somewhere Free to Visit in Your City

Find a park, a beautiful trail, perhaps a coffee shop or museum in your city. You never know what free sights there are to see until you start looking. Feel like you’ve visited them all? Try a neighbouring town or city. There’s plenty to see when you look for it. Tourist for a day can be lots of fun.

  1. Review Places You Visit

Google reviews or Yelp reviews can be addicting but also benefit a business. Why not help out by leaving some feedback? We often get caught up in leaving bad reviews and sometimes forget that good reviews are also warranted. Review every place you go to and you might make someone’s day, or make a business work to be better.

  1. Make A Fan Account

Make a fan account for your favorite singer, writer, dancer, or your favorite person. Find interesting facts about them, your favorite photos of them, and begin a fan account. You’ll be able to find tons of people who also love the same person. This is fun because you’re making new friends and you already have something in common, your love for whomever your fan account is for. 

  1. Make Homemade Wine

If you’re already spending money on it, why not learn to make your own wine? Wouldn’t it be fun to tell everyone you’re a wine connoisseur!? Making your own wine isn’t as hard as it seems. To start you need some grapes, wine yeast and a YouTube link. Perhaps it’s not that easy, but there are wine-making kits available if you’re nervous!

Roaring 20’s Ready for Hobbies

If you’re reading this then you’ve reached the bottom of the list. Are you feeling inspired yet? There are so many different hobbies here from volunteering to making your own wine that there is something for everyone on this list. Life has so much potential and as a woman in your 20’s you’re just getting started. Your 20’s are a time for growth and healthy hobbies. Good luck with your new hobby, whatever that may be!

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