16 Fun Building Hobbies to Keep You Productive

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16 Fun Building Hobbies to Keep You Productive

Building stuff using different techniques, materials, and tools is an excellent way to spend leisure time. There are various fields of building you can venture into, such as model building, worldbuilding, woodworking, car-building, and other creative arts.

Building hobbies are not limited to small projects but are limited to what you can handle given time, resources, and space.

Whichever building hobby you choose, it can provide you with the benefits and creativity to keep you productive. Additionally, it gives you mental stimulation and physical activity to keep you focused.

What Is a Building Hobby?

A building hobby refers to the love for designing and creating different items as a pastime. Builders can use varying methods, equipment, and resources depending on the type of things they make. This hobby has tons of benefits and can significantly improve your skills and knowledge.

Benefits of a Building Hobby

Is creating things from scratch your thing? If yes, building hobbies can be an excellent choice for you. Some of the ways you’ll benefit from this hobby are:

It’s Rewarding

You can build things for different reasons. It may be to satisfy your curiosity, learn how various devices work, or make something you need to use at home or in the office.

Completing these projects successfully gives a sense of self-accomplishment, improving your confidence and self-drive while at the same time making good use of your valuable time.

  • Relieves stress

Doing something you love can help you think clearly and get your mind off of stressful events. You can set up a workshop or build in the living room, but focusing on what you’re building takes your mind to a different task.

  • Acquire skills

The more you venture into building hobbies, the more skills you’ll pick up, while also understanding how to create things effectively. As expected, you may have growing pains when learning as with anything new.

Skills learned can include but are not limited to: planning, researching, cutting, drilling, gluing, sculpting, detailing, sanding, and many more.

  • Time with Friends and Family

Building hobbies are a great way to hang out with people close to you, like your family and friends. With many projects, getting an extra hand can not only make it easier but more enjoyable.

Spending time with your loved ones can strengthen your relationship and bring you closer. It also promotes teamwork and provides an opportunity for you to learn from them or teach them what you know.

Productive Building Hobbies to Consider

The best thing about building hobbies is that there are activities for almost everyone. You can create anything you want as long it’s feasible financially and spatially.

On the upside, there are numerous construction kits for different projects and for people of any age, so skill levels can be adapted.

Most purchased kits have the parts needed to complete projects and only require time. Often they include manuals for beginners.

Templates for certain projects can be purchased online through sites like Etsy to give you a head start. Here is a comprehensive look at some fun building hobbies to consider.

Hobbies Using Your Hands

female carpenter using a drill to build a shelf with a man in the background using a pencil. Both are caucasian and in a workshop

1. Woodworking/Carpentry

Woodworking involves using wood and other equipment like hand and power tools to create items. As the materials are often considered costly, basic woodworking isn’t very expensive to start since you don’t need fancy materials and tools to make an appealing item.

Recycled wood can be found all over if you’re looking to start with minimal costs. From a picture frame to a house, there are various projects fit for everybody.

2. Building Models

Are you a model collector? Or enjoy making model cars and aircraft? Learning model building is a great idea for people of all ages. You can create any model from scratch including vehicles, planes, clocks, starships, and military tanks.

There are dozens of building models online, with all materials to construct them in your home’s comfort zone. Big and small, models come in all shapes and sizes.


Building LEGO is another excellent way to spend your leisure time. There are numerous LEGO building projects (bricks or sets) for both adults and children, from flowers to cars, trees, Starwars, architecture, machinery, parks, characters, etc. You can start with small sets and scale to extremely large sculptures.

4. Gardening Landscapes

Gardening requires consistent implementation, rearrangement, and optimization to produce a garden you’d like to look at. The level you want to take any landscape is up to you and can start with a few rocks and a bit of dirt.

This hobby provides an excellent opportunity to explore your building skills as you develop a better imagination and planning of your garden, and allows you to get your hands dirty. The result is something to be cherished daily and well worth the effort.

5. Meccano

Meccano is a construction system just like LEGO. From cars to mechanical animals, helicopters, trains, and robots, Meccano has every builder in mind, including novices. These sets are designed to ignite science, creativity, and engineering passion.

6. Building Computers

Building computers is an excellent way to get creative with technology. You can easily start by setting up your own computer tower using various components picked up from old computers, or repairing damaged computers.  

However, you’ll need to know basic computer components including memory, motherboard, monitor, storage, CPU, and power supply. The fun comes in figuring out the components and having the ability to customize as you wish.

Make it super fast or prepare it for an office, you dictate the terms.

7. Metalwork

Metalwork is an art form often using heavy-duty tools. You can make anything from metals, including tables, chairs, beds, mounters, jewelry, and wall art. This fun hobby takes a little practice and proper equipment, but it’s possible to start with small projects made from hand tools and scale from there.

8. Car Building

Building cars requires more knowledge, time, space, and resources, but it’s certainly a great building hobby. To make a well-functioning car, you need to know how to handle vehicles, install different engines, car suspensions, chassis types, breaks, and much more.

As with anything, starting on small toys is a good way to get going and eventually work on bigger projects.

9. Engine Building

Building out an engine is no easy task and takes time. However, the feeling of a complete and working engine is priceless. With online tutorials now available, nothing can’t be figured out.

Find an engine and take it apart, or find one that doesn’t work then diagnose. For this hobby you’ll need specialized equipment and parts.

10. Sculpting

Sculpting involves molding, carving, or casting various materials to create unique items. This hobby requires essential tools to craft special objects, especially if you’ve specialized in wood, metal, and stone sculpture.

11. Pottery

This hobby is ideal if you don’t mind getting a bit messy. You’ll need to use the necessary supplies and equipment to build more sleek and durable pieces like jars, décor, plates, and mugs.

12. Concrete Craft

You can use concrete to build remarkable things like house décor, bowls, planters, candle holders, etc.

13. Shoemaking

A rewarding and exciting hobby as you can make footwear of any design or size you want such as slippers, sandals, and boots. Attending workshops and online courses will help learn the basics, but once learned your creativity can go to different lengths.

Building Hobbies You Can Do With Kids

caucasian father and sun building a bird house out of brown wood, both are smiling and happy

Working on different projects with your child is usually enjoyable and memorable. It also allows you to spend more time and can help your relationship.

If you’re looking for exciting things to build with your kid, the following projects will give you the challenge you’re looking for.

14. Furniture Building

Building furniture can be simple when you know how to use woodworking tools. Designing and constructing different furniture allows you to explore your creativity as your child learns the basic skills of the hobby. If you’re new to tools, start with simple projects such as basic planters.

15. Build Robots

Building robots with various functions is a blast for children. Constructing robots teaches a lot about robotics and allows you to flex your creativity while working on fine motor skills.

16. Building Radio-Controlled Models

Radio-controlled models refer to devices you can control with radio signals. You can build numerous radio-controlled items including battle warships, racing cars, aircraft, military tanks, trucks, and animal toys like sharks.

Still Need a Building Hobby?

If you’re looking for a fun, engaging, and productive way to spend your time, building hobbies can be the best choice for you. Most building projects are easy to start, great for home and office improvement, and can be sold for money.

With the time and money spent upfront, you’ll have something to show for it, which in itself can be a great hobby. Still looking for more hobbies? Check out our master list of hobbies and interests.


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